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  • Ensure that you have PostgreSQL utilities preinstalled, matching the major version of your destination server.

  • If you are building Greenmask from source, make sure you have the make utility installed.

From GitHub binaries

The easiest way to install Greenmask is by using the latest release's binary. Follow these steps:

  1. Check the latest Greenmask release.
  2. From Assets, download the required binary.
  3. Execute the downloaded binary to start using Greenmask.

Additional instructions for macOS users

For those downloading greenmask-macos-amd64 or greenmask-macos-arm64, additional steps are required to ensure proper execution.

  1. In your terminal, move to the directory where the Greenmask binary is located.

  2. Change the file permissions to make it executable by using the following command:

    chmod 777 greenmask-macos-[version]
  3. Remove a quarantine attribute, which macOS may have applied, by using the following command:

    xattr -d greenmask-macos-[version]


    In both commands above, replace [version] with amd64 or arm64 according to your download.

From source

  1. Clone the Greenmask repository by using the following command:

    git clone
  2. Once the repository is cloned, execute the following command to build Greenmask:

    make build

After completing the build process, you will find the binary named greenmask in the root directory of the repository. Execute the binary to start using Greenmask.