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Mask a value using one of the masking rules depending on your domain. NULL values are kept.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar
type Data type of attribute (default, password, name, addr, email, mobile, tel, id, credit, url) default No -


The Masking transformer replaces characters with asterisk * symbols depending on the provided data type. If the value is NULL, it is kept unchanged. It is based on ggwhite/go-masker and supports the following masking rules:

Type Description
default Returns * symbols with the same length, e.g. input: test1234 output: ********
name Masks the second letter the third letter in a word, e. g. input: ABCD output: A**D
password Always returns ************
address Keeps first 6 letters, masks the rest, e. g. input: Larnaca, makarios st output: Larnac*************
email Keeps a domain and the first 3 letters, masks the rest, e. g. input: output: ggw****
mobile Masks 3 digits starting from the 4th digit, e. g. input: 0987654321 output: 0987***321
telephone Removes (, ), , - chart, and masks last 4 digits of telephone number, then formats it to (??)????-????, e. g. input: 0227993078 output: (02)2799-****
id Masks last 4 digits of ID number, e. g. input: A123456789 output: A12345****
credit_cart Masks 6 digits starting from the 7th digit, e. g. input 1234567890123456 output 123456******3456
url Masks the password part of the URL, if applicable, e. g. http://admin:mysecretpassword@localhost:1234/uri output: http://admin:xxxxx@localhost:1234/uri

Example: Masking employee national ID number

In the following example, the national ID number of an employee is masked.

Masking transformer example
- schema: "humanresources"
  name: "employee"
    - name: "Masking"
        column: "nationalidnumber"
        type: "id"
Expected result
| column name      | original value | transformed |
| nationalidnumber | 295847284      | 295847****  |