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Greenmask 0.1.0

We are excited to announce the release of Greenmask v0.1.0, marking the first production-ready version. This release addresses various bug fixes, introduces improvements, and includes documentation refactoring for enhanced clarity.

New features

  • Added positional arguments for the list-transformers command, allowing specific transformer information retrieval (e.g., greenmask list-transformers RandomDate).

  • Added a version parameter --version that prints Greenmask version.

  • Added numeric parameters support for -Int and -Float transformers.


  • Improved verbosity in custom transformer interaction, accumulating stderr data and forwarding it in batches instead of writing it one by one.

  • Updated dependencies to newer versions.

  • Enhanced the stability of the JSON line interaction protocol by utilizing the stdlib JSON encoder/decoder.

  • Modified the method for sending table metadata to custom transformers; now, it is sent via stdin in the first line in JSON format instead of providing it via command arguments.

  • Refactored template functions naming.

  • Refactored NoiseDate transformer implementation for improved stability and predictability.

  • Changed the default value for the Dict transformer: fail_not_matched parameter: true.

  • Refactored the Hash transformer to provide a salt parameter and receive a base64 encoded salt. If salt is not provided, it generates one randomly.

  • Added validation for the truncate parameter of NoiseDate and RandomDate transformers that issues a warning if the provided value is invalid.

  • Increased verbosity of parameter validation warnings, now properly forwarding warnings to stdout.


  • Resolved pgx driver connection leakage issue.

  • Fixed deletion failure of dumps for S3 storage.

  • Corrected cobra autocompletion for the Greenmask utility.

  • Fixed NOT NULL constraint validation.

  • Addressed JSON API interaction issues that previously caused deadlocks and timeouts.

  • Fixed encode-decoding for binary parameters, ensuring accurate forwarding of values to custom transformers.

  • Fixed the RandomChoice transformer to correctly marshal and unmarshal values during validation.

  • Introduced the nullable property for the SetNull transformer to enhance NOT NULL constraint validation.

  • Resolved text wrapping issues for the validate command.

  • Fixed build failures on Windows due to Linux platform dependencies.

  • Corrected stdout readline buffer reading during interaction with custom transformers.

  • Fixed integration tests.

Ecosystem changes

  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines for the entire project.

  • Established a user-friendly playground in Docker compose, including:

  • Deployed Minio storage container.

  • PostgreSQL container containing both the original database (Adventure Works) and the transformed (empty DB).
  • Greenmask container itself.

  • Refactored current readme files.


To download the Greenmask binary compatible with your system, see the release's assets list.