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The RandomAmountWithCurrency transformer is specifically designed to populate specified database columns with random financial amounts accompanied by currency codes. Ideal for applications requiring the simulation of financial transactions, this utility enhances the realism of financial datasets by introducing variability in amounts and currencies.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar
keep_null Indicates whether NULL values should be preserved false No -


This transformer automatically generates random financial amounts along with corresponding global currency codes (e. g., 250.00 USD, 300.00 EUR), injecting them into the designated database column. It provides a straightforward solution for populating financial records with varied and realistic data, suitable for testing payment systems, data anonymization, and simulation of economic models.

Example: Populate the payments table with random amounts and currencies

This example shows how to configure the RandomAmountWithCurrency transformer to populate the payment_details column in the payments table with random amounts and currencies. It is an effective approach to simulating a diverse range of payment transactions.

RandomAmountWithCurrency transformer example
- schema: "public"
  name: "payments"
    - name: "RandomAmountWithCurrency"
        column: "payment_details"
        keep_null: false

In this setup, the payment_details column will be updated with random financial amounts and currency codes for each entry, replacing any existing non-NULL values. The keep_null parameter, when set to true, ensures that existing NULL values in the column remain unchanged, preserving the integrity of records without specified payment details.