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The RandomMonthName transformer is crafted to populate specified database columns with random month names. This transformer is especially useful for scenarios requiring the simulation of time-related data, such as user birth months or event months, without relying on specific date values.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar
keep_null Indicates whether NULL values should be preserved false No -


The RandomMonthName transformer utilizes the faker library to generate the names of months at random. It can be applied to any textual column in a database to introduce variety and realism into data sets that require representations of months without the need for specific calendar dates.

Example: Populate random month names for the user_profiles table

This example demonstrates how to configure the RandomMonthName transformer to fill the birth_month column in the user_profiles table with random month names, adding a layer of diversity to user data without using actual birthdates.

RandomMonthName transformer example
- schema: "public"
  name: "user_profiles"
    - name: "RandomMonthName"
        column: "birth_month"
        keep_null: false

With this setup, the birth_month column will be updated with random month names, replacing any existing non-NULL values. If the keep_null parameter is set to true, then existing NULL values within the column will remain untouched.