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Generate random unique user ID using version 4.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar, uuid
keep_null Indicates whether NULL values should be replaced with transformed values or not true No -


The RandomUuid transformer generates a random UUID. The behaviour for NULL values can be configured using the keep_null parameter.

Example: Updating the rowguid column

The following example replaces original UUID values of the rowguid column to randomly generated ones.

RandomUuid transformer example
- schema: "humanresources"
  name: "employee"
  - name: "RandomUuid"
      column: "rowguid"
      keep_null: false
Expected result
| column name | original value                       | transformed                          |
| rowguid     | f01251e5-96a3-448d-981e-0f99d789110d | 0211629f-d197-4187-8a87-095ec4f51977 |