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Greenmask 0.1.7

This release introduces a new Greenmask command, improvements, bug fixes, and documentation update.

New features

  • Added restoration filtering by --table, --schema and --exclude-schema parameters
  • Validate parameters without parameters validates only configuration file
  • Added the --schema parameter, which allows to make a schema diff between the previous dump and the current. This is useful when you want to check if the schema has changed after the migration. By controlling it we can exclude data leakage after migration
  • Validate command divided by many stages that can be controlled using parameters
    • Configuration validation
    • Transformer validation
    • Constraint violation check
    • Data difference check


  • Improved Hash transformer
    • Added salt parameter that can be set via config or via GREENMASK_GLOBAL_SALT
    • Added sha3 functions support in different modes (sha3-224, sha3-256, sha3-384, sha3-512)
  • Refactored Cmd transformer logic
    • Json API: Now it allows to use of column names instead of column indexes in JSON format
    • Csv API: Now it can use the column order from config via column remapping
  • The validate command was rewritten almost from scratch.
    • New option --transformed-only - displays only columns that are transformed with primary key (if exists). This allows to reduce the output data and make it more readable
    • Implemented json format for output
    • Added the --table-format parameter which is responsible for the vertical and horizontal table orientation. This works only when --format=text
    • Added the --warnings parameter, if it is specified then not only fatal-warnings will be displayed, but also those with a lower severity


  • Fixed --use-list option - now it applies toc entries according to the order in list file
  • Fixed --use-list option behaviour together with --list-format option (json or text). Now it generates temporal list file in text format for providing it to the pg_restore call
  • Updated documentation according to the latest changes


To download the Greenmask binary compatible with your system, see the release's assets list.