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Greenmask 0.1.9

This release introduces improvements and bug fixes


  • Implemented tables scoring according to the table size and transformation costs. This correctly spread the tables dumping between the requested workers pool and reduces the execution time. Now greenmask introspects the table size, adds the transformation scoring using the formula score = tableSizeInBytes + (tableSizeInBytes * 0.03 * tableTransformationsCount), and uses the strategy "Largest First". The problem is described here
  • Introduced no_verify_ssl parameter for S3 storage
  • Adjusted Dockerfile
    • Changed entrypoint to greenmask binary
    • The greenmask container now runs under greenmask user and groups
  • Refactored storage config structure. Now it contains the type that is used for the storage type determination
  • Most of the attributes may be overridden with environment variables where the letters are capitalized and the dots are replaced with underscores. For instance, the setting storage.type might be represented with the environment variable STORAGE_TYPE
  • Parameter --config is not required anymore. This simplifies the greenmask utility user experience
  • Directory storage set as the default
  • Set the default temporary directory as /tmp
  • Added environment variable section to the configuration docs


  • Fixed S3_REGION environment variable usage. Tested cases where the S3 storage is set up using S3 variables that uses by
  • Updated project dependencies to the latest version


To download the Greenmask binary compatible with your system, see the release's assets list.