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The RandomPassword transformer is designed to populate specified database columns with random passwords. This utility is vital for applications that require the simulation of secure user data, testing systems with authentication mechanisms, or anonymizing real passwords in datasets.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar
keep_null Indicates whether NULL values should be preserved false No -


Employing sophisticated password generation algorithms or libraries, the RandomPassword transformer injects random passwords into the designated database column. This feature is particularly useful for creating realistic and secure user password datasets for development, testing, or demonstration purposes.

Example: Populate random passwords for the user_accounts table

This example demonstrates how to configure the RandomPassword transformer to populate the password column in the user_accounts table with random passwords.

RandomPassword transformer example
- schema: "public"
  name: "user_accounts"
    - name: "RandomPassword"
        column: "password"
        keep_null: false

In this configuration, every entry in the password column will be updated with a random password. Setting the keep_null parameter to true will preserve existing NULL values in the column, accommodating scenarios where password data may not be applicable.