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Generate a hash of the text value using the Scrypt hash function under the hood. NULL values are kept.


Name Description Default Required Supported DB types
column The name of the column to be affected Yes text, varchar
salt Hex encoded salt string. This value may be provided via environment variable GREENMASK_GLOBAL_SALT Yes text, varchar
function Hash algorithm to obfuscate data. Can be any of md5, sha1, sha256, sha512, sha3-224, sha3-254, sha3-384, sha3-512. sha1 No -
max_length Indicates whether to truncate the hash tail and specifies at what length. Can be any integer number, where 0 means "no truncation". 0 No -

Example: Generate hash from job title

The following example generates a hash from the jobtitle into sha1 and truncates the results after the 10th character.

We can set the salt via the environment variable GREENMASK_GLOBAL_SALT:

export GREENMASK_GLOBAL_SALT="12343567baaa"
Hash transformer example
- schema: "humanresources"
  name: "employee"
    - name: "Hash"
        column: "jobtitle"
        function: "sha1"
        max_length: 10
Expected result
| column name | original value                   | transformed |
| jobtitle    | Research and Development Manager | 3a456da5c5  |