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Faker functions

Greenmask uses go-faker/faker under the hood for generating of synthetic data.

Faker functions: Address

Function Description Signature
fakerRealAddress Generates a random real-world address that includes: city, state, postal code, latitude, and longitude fakerRealAddress() (res ReadAddress)
fakerLatitude Generates random fake latitude fakerLatitude() (res float64)
fakerLongitude Generates random fake longitude fakerLongitude() (res float64)

Faker functions: Datetime

Function Description Signature
fakerUnixTime Generates random Unix time in seconds fakerLongitude() (res int64)
fakerDate Generates random date with the pattern of YYYY-MM-DD fakerDate() (res string)
fakerTimeString Generates random time fakerTimeString() (res string)
fakerMonthName Generates a random month fakerMonthName() (res string)
fakerYearString Generates a random year fakerYearString() (res string)
fakerDayOfWeek Generates a random day of a week fakerDayOfWeek() (res string)
fakerDayOfMonth Generates a random day of a month fakerDayOfMonth() (res string)
fakerTimestamp Generates a random timestamp with the pattern of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS fakerTimestamp() (res string)
fakerCentury Generates a random century fakerCentury() (res string)
fakerTimezone Generates a random timezone name fakerTimezone() (res string)
fakerTimeperiod Generates a random time period with the patter of either AM or PM fakerTimeperiod() (res string)

Faker functions: Internet

Function Description Signature
fakerEmail Generates a random email fakerEmail() (res string)
fakerMacAddress Generates a random MAC address fakerMacAddress() (res string)
fakerDomainName Generates a random domain name fakerDomainName() (res string)
fakerURL Generates a random URL with the pattern of https://www.domainname.some/somepath fakerURL() (res string)
fakerUsername Generates a random username fakerUsername() (res string)
fakerIPv4 Generates a random IPv4 address fakerIPv4() (res string)
fakerIPv6 Generates a random IPv6 address fakerIPv6() (res string)
fakerPassword Generates a random password fakerPassword() (res string)

Faker functions: words and sentences

Function Description Signature
fakerWord Generates a random word fakerWord() (res string)
fakerSentence Generates a random sentence fakerSentence() (res string)
fakerParagraph Generates a random sequence of sentences as a paragraph fakerParagraph() (res string)

Faker functions: Payment

Function Description Signature
fakerCCType Generates a random credit card type, e.g. VISA, MasterCard, etc. fakerCCType() (res string)
fakerCCNumber Generates a random credit card number fakerCCNumber() (res string)
fakerCurrency Generates a random currency name fakerCurrency() (res string)
fakerAmountWithCurrency Generates random amount preceded with random currency fakerAmountWithCurrency() (res string)

Faker functions: Person

Function Description Signature
fakerTitleMale Generates a random male title from the predefined list fakerTitleMale() (res string)
fakerTitleFemale Generates a random female title from the predefined list fakerTitleFemale() (res string)
fakerFirstName Generates a random first name fakerFirstName() (res string)
fakerFirstNameMale Generates a random male first name fakerFirstNameMale() (res string)
fakerFirstNameFemale Generates a random female first name fakerFirstNameFemale() (res string)
fakerFirstLastName Generates a random last name fakerFirstLastName() (res string)
fakerName Generates a random full name preceded with a title fakerName() (res string)

Faker functions: Phone

Function Description Signature
fakerPhoneNumber Generates a random phone number fakerPhoneNumber() (res string)
fakerTollFreePhoneNumber Generates a random phone number with the pattern of (123) 456-7890 fakerTollFreePhoneNumber() (res string)
fakerE164PhoneNumber Generates a random phone number with the pattern of +12345678900 fakerE164PhoneNumber() (res string)

Faker functions: UUID

Function Description Signature
fakerUUIDHyphenated Generates a random unique user ID separated by hyphens fakerUUID() (res string)
fakerUUIDDigit Generates a random unique user ID in the HEX format fakerUUIDDigit() (res string)