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Greenmask 0.1.5

This release introduces a new Greenmask command, improvements, bug fixes, and numerous documentation updates.

New features

Added a new Greenmask CLI command—show-transformer that shows detailed information about a specified transformer.


  • The Hash transformer has been completely remastered and now has the function parameter to choose from several hash algorithm options and the max_length parameter to truncate the hash tail.
  • Split information about transformers between the list-transformers and new show-transformer CLI commands, which allows for more comprehensible and useful outputs for both commands
  • Added error severity for the Cmd parameter validator
  • Improved UX for the Greenmask release binaries


  • Fixed metadata enrichment for validation warnings caused by RawValueValidator
  • Fixed a typo in the credit_card value for the type parameter of the Masking transformer
  • Fixed Greenmask Playground environment variables and the cleanup command
  • Fixed list-dump, list-transformers, and restore commands exit code on error


To download the Greenmask binary compatible with your system, see the release's assets list.